Activities in the Costa Brava


Catalan food is typically Mediterranean, well-known for the variety of products that Catalan Cuisine uses and for being so healthy. The geographical situation of Catalonia is composed by the valley, the mountains and the coast, which make possible to combine vegetables with olive oil, meat of great quality as the Beef of Girona (origin denomination), and all sort of fish and seafood. Some representative dishes are: "arroz negro" (rice made with squid's ink), "escudella" (typical soup), "suquet" (fish with potatoes) and as a desert "crema catalana". Very typical of Catalonia is also "pa amb tomata" (bread with tomato) together with different sort of sausages. (The "pa amb tomata" consists on spreding some tomato juice on the bread with some olive oil and salt.) Other characteristics of Catalan food are 4 typical sauces that are served with many dishes: "sofrito", "samfaina", "picada" and "allioli".

  • "Samfaina: it is a mixture of tomatoes, peppers, and aubergines lightly fried.
  • "Sofrito": a typical Spanish sauce made with garlic, onion, tomato and parsley.
  • "Picada": it is made with garlic, parsley, burnt almonds and nuts all crushed.
  • "Allioli": It is a sauce made with garlic and olive oil and it is served with meat and fish dishes. Its origin comes from the Roman period.

Many Gastronomic Campaigns take place in the Costa Brava. They inform about the most selected Catalan products:

  • The prawn menu in Palamós.
  • The famous anchovy of l'Escala.
  • The blue fish and cod Cuisine, in Sant Feliu de Guíxols.
  • The "garoinada" (sea urchins) in Palafrugell.