Activities in the Costa Brava

Best Beaches

The Costa Brava is situated in the Noth East of Catalonia and its extension reaches the 214 km. In this area there are many different landscapes: the coast in one side and the Pyrenees and the Gavarres Mountains in the other, which make of Catalonia one of the most beautiful places.The main feature of this coast is the combination of long beaches with fine and golden sand and rugged places where you can find lots of small rocky creeks of clear waters surrounded by luxuriant pinewoods.

The landscape of this area has got an important biological value and the bottom of the sea is of great interest for divers. The Natural Reserves of Cape Creus and the Medes Islands offer a natural landscape suitable for diving, sailing and hiking. Walking by the rampart walk that goes along the coast you can discover wonderful beaches and places where you can enjoy the sun and the warm waters of the Mediterranean.