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Dlleure.com is the reference portal on the Internet for all those who want to plan their holiday on the Costa Brava through the network. We seek for you the best holiday accommodation on the Catalonian coast (northern Spain): with all the equipment, a privileged location and the most competitive price! And we offer you information on each of the tourist destination villages: the most beautiful beaches, outstanding activities, or the best restaurants in the area, and lots of other useful information.

In conclusion: we provide you with all the necessary resources for you to plan an amazing holiday on the Costa Brava!

What will you find in Dlleure.com?


We offer you many updated tools and resources, as well as practical information on all accommodation and tourist destinations.


We provide an efficient customer service and put at your disposal qualified staff in the tourism sector who knows the area perfectly well.


We strive to have a handy web portal, where you can reserve your online apartment instantly and through which you are able to build your own holidays.

Exceptional prices

And we get your accommodation at the best price, thanks to the agreement we have with different real estate agencies on the Costa Brava.